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For all other criminal charges, including theft, fraud, manslaughter, murder, and other violent and criminal defence charges, we are here to represent you. We have years of experience working with all types of cases and helping individuals from all walks of life. A criminal record, jail time, and even monetary fines can drastically impact your future, but with Alberta Criminal Defence lawyers, you can go on living your life as usual. We’ll do our best to eliminate the adverse effects of your mistake on future employment and education opportunities and family and societal relationships through achieving a reduced sentence  or dropped charges. Are you looking for the best defence? We can help.

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The majority of our clients are first-time offenders who have made a mistake. We know that any criminal charge can seem intimidating, and a police arrest for any reason can be frightening. Taking on the criminal justice system alone may leave you feeling even more helpless. As Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we have built relationships, gained experience, and established an extensive understanding of all criminal charges and the Canadian legal system; our advice, guidance, and expertise are invaluable when it comes to building a defence. You can trust the reliability of our lawyers.

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Additional Criminal Charges

The Alberta criminal law surrounding robbery takes into account several details such as first or subsequent offences, use of a weapon or a firearm, or the correlation to any criminal organization.

Breaking and entering involves breaking into and entering any place and commits or intends to commit an offence. Breaking into a place of residence could result in a life sentence. 

Fraud charges range in severity based on aggravating circumstances such as the value of the committed, the number of victims, and the community regard of the offender. Individuals who defraud the public or another person of property, money or other assets valued less than $5,000 are subject to receive up to two years in prison. 

Theft is not always malicious, making intent a vital aspect of the case. Theft and shoplifting charges include considerations for secrecy, the purpose of taking, possession, accessory after the fact, date and time of the incident, and the value of the property stolen. 

Murder in the first or second degree often results in imprisonment for life. The punishment is severe and will change your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Causing the death of another human being is one of the most severe offences. Even if you don’t intend to cause the death of another person, but you do so by committing an unlawful act, you could be facing a life sentence in prison.

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Why Choose Us
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We are honest and realistic with all of our clients. We will not sugar-coat or oversell the potential outcome of the case. However, we will always strive to achieve the best result possible.

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We are personable with our clients. To us, you aren’t just another name. We seek to understand your story and build a positive relationship with you while defending your rights against the State.

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We believe you should know what you’re up against; most people don’t know what to expect once they have been criminally charged. We will always strive to keep you informed every step of the way.

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We have built a reputation of having a high success rate for our clients throughout Alberta. Often our clients will escape a criminal record or incarceration.

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We have streamlined the process of contacting and working with a criminal defence lawyer. We make all docket court appearances on your behalf so you don’t have to attend.

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We have over 65 years of combined experience as defence lawyers. We've built relationships in the industry that allow us to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood defence lawyers, serving clients across Alberta for over 40 years. Based in Calgary, we travel everywhere from Lethbridge to Fort MacMurray.

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Flat Rates

We offer flexible payment schedules and flat-rate fee plans so you’ll always know what you’re paying upfront. Total fees depend on the complexity of your case.

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What to Expect From a Criminal Defence Lawyer
We begin every case the same way, with an in-person consultation so we can get to know you and learn as much about your case as possible. If you’re nervous or anxious, we will help you feel peaceful and confident. Know that we are here to protect and defend you; we are on your side! As the case develops, we’ll keep you involved as we attend all court appearances on your behalf and learn more about the outlook of your case. Working together, we can achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Call us today.