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Driven by a commitment to swift and strategic advocacy, our team skillfully navigates bail hearings and conditions, ensuring fair treatment and favourable outcomes for individuals facing these legal challenges. As experienced bail hearing lawyers in Calgary, our unwavering dedication stands out, consistently protecting the rights and freedoms of our clients.

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What is Bail?

Alberta Criminal Defence is Calgary’s choice for bail hearing and court representation, boasting unparalleled experience and dedication to your case. “Bail” is a legal process where a defendant is released from custody pending their trial, typically with conditions, providing them with more freedom while they await court proceedings. Our team navigates bail hearings effectively, safeguarding our clients’ rights and ensuring we do everything possible to secure a positive resolution in which they are granted bail.

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How Our Bail Hearing Lawyers Can Help


Transparent, Honest & Realistic

Our bail-hearing lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of bail laws and procedures, confidently guiding clients through the complexities of bail hearings with honesty and transparency while providing support and reassurance during this challenging time.


Streamlined Process

Our streamlined approach to bail hearings ensures efficiency and effectiveness at every stage. From employing negotiation skills to presenting compelling arguments for bail, we prioritize prompt action, minimizing delays and getting the best possible results for our clients.


Local & Established

With deep roots in the community, our bail lawyers are a trusted and established presence within the legal landscape. Our local experience and connections allow us to confidently navigate Calgary's legal system, providing tailored solutions and effective representation for our clients.

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Flexible Payment Schedules

We recognize the financial strain legal matters can cause, so we offer flexible payment options for our bail hearing defence services. We aim to ensure clients have access to quality representation without any additonal financial burden, empowering them to pursue their legal rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During a bail hearing, a judge will assess various factors to determine whether you should receive judicial interim release pending your trial. Your Calgary bail lawyer will present arguments for your release, addressing factors like your ties to the community, flight risk, and the severity of your charges.

Factors considered in a formal bail hearing include the seriousness of the offence, the defendant’s criminal history, ties to the community, flight risk, likelihood of reoffending, and the potential danger posed to the community. Your lawyer will present arguments to address these factors and advocate for reasonable bail and release.

A bail hearing lawyer can provide invaluable assistance by representing you in court, presenting compelling arguments for your release, addressing concerns raised by the prosecution, and negotiating favourable bail conditions. They will guide you through the criminal process, ensuring your rights are protected and advocating for the best possible outcome.