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We Can Help With Sexual Interference Charges

When facing the challenging and sensitive nature of sexual assault and interference charges, you need a compassionate and experienced legal team by your side. At Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we understand the gravity of these allegations and the profound impact they can have on your life. Our experienced and skilled sexual assault lawyers will provide comprehensive guidance and support, meticulously examining the evidence, questioning witnesses, and crafting a robust defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. Throughout the legal process, we fiercely protect your rights and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Your Trusted Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

At Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we take pride in being a trusted source of unwavering support and legal guidance for individuals facing sexual assault and interference charges. Our team of seasoned criminal lawyers has extensive experience in handling complex cases, including those involving sensitive allegations. When you choose us, you gain access to a compassionate and dedicated team that genuinely cares about your well-being and future. We understand the emotional toll of these charges and approach each case with empathy and professionalism. Our commitment to excellence in legal representation is evident in our meticulous attention to detail, tireless efforts, and proven track record of successful outcomes.

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Your Guide to Sexual Assault & Interference Charges

FAQs About Sexual Assault

If you are facing sexual assault, interference or other criminal charges in Alberta, it is crucial to seek legal representation immediately. Contact our experienced team of legal professionals at Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers to understand your rights and options. We will provide comprehensive guidance, protect your interests, and build a strong defence tailored to your unique case, ensuring you have the best chance of a favourable outcome.

Sexual assault and interference charges are considered very serious offences in Alberta. The penalties can be severe if convicted, including imprisonment and being registered as a sex offender. These charges can have a long-lasting impact on your life, affecting your reputation, personal relationships, and future opportunities. Taking these charges seriously and seeking competent legal representation is essential to mount a strong defence.

At Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we understand the sensitive and private nature of sexual assault and interference cases. Our team handles all cases with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We prioritize safeguarding your privacy and ensuring your personal information remains confidential throughout the legal proceedings. You can trust us to handle your case with professionalism and respect for your privacy.

Yes, a skilled criminal defence lawyer can be instrumental in protecting your rights and helping you clear your name if you believe you are falsely accused. Our team at Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and challenge the prosecution’s case to help establish your innocence. We are committed to seeking the truth and advocating vigorously on your behalf.

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We are honest and realistic with all of our clients. We will not sugar-coat or oversell the potential outcome of the case. However, we will always strive to achieve the best result possible.



We are personable with our clients. To us, you aren’t just another name. We seek to understand your story and build a positive relationship with you while defending your rights against the State.



We believe you should know what you’re up against; most people don’t know what to expect once they have been criminally charged. We will always strive to keep you informed every step of the way.



We have built a reputation of having a high success rate for our clients throughout Alberta. Often our clients will escape a criminal record or incarceration.



We have streamlined the process of contacting and working with a criminal defence lawyer. We make all docket court appearances on your behalf so you don’t have to attend.



We have over 65 years of combined experience as defence lawyers. We've built relationships in the industry that allow us to achieve the best possible outcomes.



Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood defence lawyers, serving clients across Alberta for over 40 years. Based in Calgary, we travel everywhere from Lethbridge to Fort MacMurray.

Flat Rates

Flat Rates

We offer flexible payment schedules and flat-rate fee plans so you’ll always know what you’re paying upfront. Total fees depend on the complexity of your case.