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Do You Need a Domestic Violence & Assault Lawyer?

If you got in a fight at a bar, did you know that you could be facing assault charges? Even something as simple as forcefully obstructing someone’s path may qualify as assault. When it comes to any criminal charge involving violence, we have several years of experience crafting careful and compelling cases. You may need an Alberta domestic violence and assault lawyer, based in Calgary, for anything from criminal mischief and uttering threats to aggravated assault, sexual assault, or assault with a weapon. Any act of violence that involves a family member, romantic partner, or spouse is labelled as a domestic offence and is often considered with greater scrutiny than other assault charges.

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What a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Do For You ​

There are several ways a domestic violence lawyer can assist in your case to defend charges of domestic assault or harassment. A Peace Bond is a common way of dealing with such offences and involves entering into an agreement with the court. We can help you establish an agreement that minimizes the consequences and optimizes your freedoms. Often, these agreements include recommendations or conditions for counselling, restraining orders, or no-contact provisions. Approval for a Peace Bond drops all charges, meaning you will not receive a criminal record. If the case goes to trial, however, one of our experienced criminal lawyers in Calgary will establish an effective representation and build a solid case in your favour. We may begin by challenging the facts or the allegations against you, interpreting the law in your favour, and doing our best to reduce your sentencing; we know how imperative it may be for you to avoid jail time and a damaging criminal record.

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Unfortunately, no. If a victim of assault changes his or her mind and wants to drop charges, the Crown Prosecutor may still proceed with the case. Assault is considered a serious offence, and while the victim’s testimony is often valuable to the prosecution, the decision to drop charges does not belong to them, as they are essentially just another witness.

Uttering threats is considered verbal abuse. A person may be charged with uttering threats even if the threat was offered indirectly or was non-verbal as in the instance of a gesture or a written message via text, email, or social media.

While domestic violence is a serious crime, a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defence lawyer can help to ensure the Crown drops your charges, one way we can do this is by applying for a Peace Bond.

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We believe you should know what you’re up against; most people don’t know what to expect once they have been criminally charged. We will always strive to keep you informed every step of the way.



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As Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we have decades of experience representing individuals in the criminal court. We know that assault and violence are highly nuanced offences, and there is often a lot of grey-area. When you need a domestic violence or sexual assault lawyer, we offer the best defence. We’ll begin by sitting down with you for an initial consultation. If you’re not sure what to expect, know that we are here to protect and defend you; we are on your side! We’ll keep you involved as we attend all court appearances on your behalf and learn more about the outlook of your case. We work together to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Call us today.