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Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers are your best chance of walking away from a criminal charge with a clean record. Whether you’ve made a mistake or you didn’t expect to get caught, we are here to ensure that a criminal record does not affect your future career, education, travel, and family plans. Backed by decades of combined experience, Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers have unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the legal system, and we’ve built relationships and established a reputation that allows us to provide you with the best possible defence. Whether you have a charge for impaired driving, domestic assault, or drug possession, our Alberta criminal defence lawyers, serving Red Deer and central Alberta, should be your first call. If you’re facing a first-time offence, you may feel scared, unsure, anxious, or confused, but we can help you better understand your situation. Our  criminal defence lawyers in Red Deer place a primary focus on first-time offenders and those that cannot risk a criminal record or incarceration. Call us to book a consultation today; together, we can get your life back on track.

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We are honest and realistic with all of our clients. We will not sugar-coat or oversell the potential outcome of the case. However, we will always strive to achieve the best result possible.

criminal defence lawyer Calgary


We are personable with our clients. To us, you aren’t just another name. We seek to understand your story and build a positive relationship with you while defending your rights against the State.

criminal defence lawyer Calgary


We believe you should know what you’re up against; most people don’t know what to expect once they have been criminally charged. We will always strive to keep you informed every step of the way.

criminal defence lawyer Calgary


We have built a reputation of having a high success rate for our clients throughout Alberta. Often our clients will escape a criminal record or incarceration.

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As Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life. Regardless of your past experiences, a police arrest can cause feelings of stress, anxiety, and uneasiness. You may be unsure of what to do next. After a charge for a driving offence, for example, an impaired driving lawyer should be your first call. As Alberta Criminal Defence Lawyers, we view it as our responsibility to not only provide a stellar defence and representation on your behalf but also to educate you about relevant legal proceedings. When you sit down with a DUI and DWI lawyer, you’ll feel better, having an improved understanding of what lies ahead. We’ll explain what to expect from the process moving forward. In many cases, we can resolve your file before it goes to trial by putting it in front of the right people. Whether you require a domestic violence and assault lawyer or a drug possession lawyer, we can help you achieve the best possible result.

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We guarantee a fast response when you call us to book a consultation. Whether you call during or after regular business hours, we will take your call and collect your necessary information, carefully considering the lawyer best-suited for your case.

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Once paired with the right lawyer, sit down for a 30-60 minute consultation wherein we will discuss the allegations held against you and your perspective of the story. We take the time to review possible outcomes and provide you with a detailed outline of what to expect.

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Court Appearances

Know that it can take up to 8 weeks to obtain all disclosure of your case. During this time, we will make all court appearances on your behalf, keeping you informed about the strength of our defence. We want the process to cause the least disruption to your life.

criminal defence lawyer Calgary

Trial or Sentencing

If we can canvas the case and reach a favourable outcome, we may go straight to sentencing. Otherwise, the trial will run, and we will continue to fight on your behalf for the resolution you desire. We will involve you in the decision of when and how to proceed.

criminal defence lawyer Calgary


We pride ourselves on having reached a successful resolution for most of our past clients, whether the case has gone to trial or not. We do our best to streamline the process and involve you as much as possible. We do not bill the full amount until the final case resolution.

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